Amazon Home Finds - Fall 2020

21 September 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all well and good on your end of the planet! I've been cooped up in my apartment prepping for one of my many medical board exams, and during my breaks I've been mentally re-decorating the apartment. This means a lot of time spent online window shopping! I thought I would share some great pieces I've saved in my Amazon cart, since sometimes the Canadian version is slightly lackluster compared to its American counterpart. However, I actually found quite a few great items and wanted to make sure I shared them with everyone. Enjoy!

Amazon home decor, Amazon Canada home decor
floor lamp, white quartz, black candle holders, wall mask, crystal bedside lamp, moon art piece, leopard furry blanket, adhesive photo shelves (great for rentals!), white foot stool, double wall coffee mug, patchwork carpet, pour over coffee, frappucino cup, and echo dot

Hope you enjoy! Send over some of the items you've enjoyed as well!


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