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1 March 2020

Hiya everyone!

Today I wanted to share some great reads from across the internet. Lots of stuff to hit you in the feels!

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser - this is a nice thought piece for those of you who happen to fall into the category of trying to make everyone happy. Helpful tips on how to break the cycle and learn to focus on yourself while voicing your own needs.

The Neighbor's Window - this short film won an Oscars this year. I cried like a baby. It's fantastic. The message is deep, but I don't want to ruin it. Just watch ❤

3 Older Women On the Most Important Lessons They Learned Later In Life - I sometimes find people give up on life and their dreams because they hit a certain age. This piece is a great reminder that no matter what decade you're in. there will be new adventures you can embark on, goals to reach and experiences to remember. Don't give up on living your life because you hit 30, 40, 50 etc. We have such a short time on this planet, and living life to the fullest is the only gift that we get each day!

The Career Genius of Marilyn Monroe
I have always loved reading about Marilyn Monroe's life (even though parts were so sad it would make me me bawl like a baby), and this piece provided new insights. She lived through a lot of hardships in a time where women weren't given much respect, but to learn about the big changes she made in the film industry that helped pave the way for women is wonderful! I know we still have a long way to go, but let us hope for more Marilyn Monroe's who pay it forward.
   "On New Year's Eve, 1955, Fox finally surrendered. The lawsuits were thrown out and her salary boosted to $100,000 per film. But the biggest coup of all was creative control: She'd won story approval, director approval, even cinematographer approval. At a time when the studios wielded absolute power, this was revolutionary. Monroe hadn't just won her autonomy—she'd made history."

What are some of the great pieces you've been checking out lately? Join me over on my instagram to discuss!

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