7 Tips to Get Through the Winter

15 February 2020

Salut tout le monde!

I hope all is well on your end of the screen. Have you been getting stuck in the winter blues? I know I have.  Honestly, socializing in cold weather is just a no-go 90% of the time. This is when #hermitlife comes to bite you in the butt. It is no wonder seasonal affective disorder starts worming itself in. But not this year, no siree. We are going to take those blues head on!

Here are some ideas to bring some cheer into your life during this chilly season.

And please enjoy the Dolce and Gabbana dinner party photos from Harpar's Bazaar from 2012. They are such a delight!

1.  Schedule socialization dates. This is the only way you will get out of the house and see people. No excuses! One of my besties and I have started booking out dinners from our 'To try' list every month since 2020 started, and we just head on out and enjoy ourselves. Beating the chills is great when you're tucked into a cozy booth eating delicious food, and giggling over a glass of wine!

2. Pick 5 new things you want to do/try before June 2020, and then schedule at least one a month. Macaron making classes are on my bucket list. What about you?

3. Book some self-care appointments: facials, mani + pedis, massages, etc. I'm also going to throw in getting your eyes, and teeth checked since those are necessary for your health! In addition, for those of you interested in laser hair removal, do it now before the summer when your tan is gone (although, the sun savy readers will know to NEVER get a tan). The laser picks up darker, thicker hair better at this time of year.

4. Learn something new - I've been binging on Graham Stephan and improving my financial literacy, while also getting a chuckle. I think that's the best way to passively learn - being engaged but not overwhelmed. PS. I love his reviews of 'Millenial Money'.

5. Work your way through your 2020 reading list. Don't be afraid of trying audible or putting a book on your phone. I know everyone is pretty against the latter (they love the sensation of a real book in their hands), but don't knock it until you try it. I thought I would never enjoy books on my phone, and I devour most of them now on my iPhone during lunch breaks, or random downtime. It's the reason I read so much, and I get immense joy out of dropping into another fictional world. DO IT!

6. Spring clean - EARLY. I did a 'New Year' clean to start 2020 off fresh, and found it immensely rewarding/motivating. It actually kickstarted a consistent habit of going through lots of my items and decided what to chuck, and what to donate.

7. Focus on forming one new habit that will last a lifetime. Here are some ideas: daily flossing, getting out of bed right when your alarm rings, going to bed at the same time every day, washing the dishes every night without fail, or doing your skincare routine without fail every night before bed.


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