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7 July 2017

Hiya everybody!
I hope all of you are enjoying the warm weather, and scoping out some patios this summer. I am so glad I don't have to wear layers and layers of clothes to work anymore. Today I wanted to chat about a few skincare products I've been using over the year, and also do some quick reviews. One of them has become a holy grail item that I cannot believe I never heard of until recently! Let's jump right in 😀

Washes -
   CosRx Low pH good morning cleanser - I delved into the Korean skincare market this year and have found some wonderful gems. This is the most recent product I'm testing out, and I typically use it in the morning before putting on a moisturizer and make-up. It's a gel-like consistency and meant for oily skin. It does a fairly decent job, but I most likely won't be repurchasing. It doesn't remove make-up well, so I stopped using it at night. 3/5
  Biore charcoal wash - I've repurchased this several times. It has a great tingling sensation, and does a good job of making blackheads appear less visible. Also great for those of you with oily, acne prone skin. 4/5
   No 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser - After I remove my eye make-up with micellar water (I use this one from Garnier), I wash my face at night with this cream cleanser and muslin cloth. I'm just finishing up the cleanser now, and I must say I really appreciate hygienic nature of the dispenser. It really prevents bacteria from entering! However, I wasn't a total fan of the product itself because I felt it left a light residue on my face. What I LOVEDDDD was the concept of a hot cloth (muslin)...So I bought a pack of them on Amazon and use it with my favorite cleansers instead. WIN!

Angelica Toner from L'Occitane en Provence - It's alcohol-free hence it is super gentle, and more along the lines of an essence à la Korean skincare. I use it a few times a week, especially when I use face masks.
Pearlessence Rose Mist - this is a great pick me up. I use it after masks, after make-up, before bed, ANYTIME! I wish it came in small bottles so I could take it to work as well. (Similar here)

Elizabeth Arden hydrating mask - perfect for when your skin is dried out from the weather or retinoids. I would leave it on for 20-30 mins and follow up with Cerave moisturizing cream. Great combo! Unfortunately I can't find it anymore on their website. You'll have to stalk this one down.

Andalou naturals Fruit Enzyme Mask - Sooo I bought this to help exfoliate my skin in a more gentle manner than my prior products. I had a horrendous time with Dr Gross alpha-beta peel, because I accidentally forgot one spot to wipe off before bed and woke up with a second degree burn on my chin. EWWW! Anyway, I won't repurchase this one either because I don't find it works at all, and does nothing for my skin afterwards.

Black peel off mask - Super awesome. I love the sensation of getting a bunch of crap pulled off my skin, and this gives me that kick. It also makes my blackheads look smaller, and my skin feel really soft. I only use it a couple times a month. I don't know how safe this is for my skin, but I don't care!

Sheet Masks - I don't have a particular brand in general that I am loyal to, however I do have a preference for type. The brightening masks are my all time favorite because I feel they lighten up my hyperpigmentation and leave my skin looking much more hydrated!

I love this CosRx Pimple Patch. They're literally tiny circular stickers made of (apparently) surgical material. I've repurchased it multiple times. WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS SOONER? Where was this when I was a teenager? This is a Godsend! I put a patch on at night, and BAM - by morning my blemish is magically gone because everything gets sucked out. It's so satisfying. Even cystic acne significantly diminishes. WHATTT? Dead. I love it. 15/10 ← yes

That's it for now. I'll talk about the second half of my routine in another post, and include additional reviews. I have another holy grail combo too!

P.S. My bare basic routine will always include what I learned in dermatology rotations during medical school: a simple face wash, retinoid (Epiduo prescription is mine), Cerave moisturizer for night time, or Vichy sunscreen for daytime. Stuff backed by science and research! Everything else is just a bonus!


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