Sunshine Yellow

9 July 2017

Hi everyone,

I just came back from a wonderful arts festival here in Cleveland. The weather was marvelous, and I got to hear some live latin jazz in an outdoor pavilion. Summer is just the greatest! I wanted to do a quick post, because there are a ton of great sales going on right now, and I wanted to put a plug for Anthropologie. I picked up this fun gradient dress, and lots of cute extras last week for great prices. If you're looking to decorate your home, there are lovely items available. I've included some of my favorites below. FYI: Every sale item is an additional 30% off. 👌

I can't find this dress on their website, but it's for sure in stores. I got mine at the Anthro in Crocker Park (Ohio), and it's by a brand called "HD in Paris". There is a floral patterned dress under the lavender to yellow gradient overlay. It's even better in person!

I couldn't resist. I found a matching yellow buggy!
I really enjoy the shams, and kitchen items at Anthro. Here are some of my favorite house ware pieces included in their sale:

Happy shopping! What are some of your favorite scores this summer? 

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