A Lazy Girl's Guide to Flats

21 August 2016

Hey lovelies!

I thought I would bring back a second edition of 'A Lazy Girl's Guide' to this old blog of mine. Today we're talking about shoes, more specifically, comfortable chic flats. Summer's are my jam when it comes to wearing cute foot costumes [yes, I went there]. I bank 7-10 compliments a work week. No shame! I love compliments! Plus, I don't get any blisters or knee swelling. Since I work at a hospital, these are all healthcare-appropriate (closed toed to avoid injuries). Also, they've been very loved and worn to death, so they're fully-tested and I feel I've adequate experience to give some advice!

How do you elevate flats from their casual status to an office setting? I typically go for the pointy-toe look, or bold colors/patterns, and I don't fear embellishments. A tiny heel is also a good idea, because it gives more room for decorations (see my studded flats below). The red flats with the triple cross straps are also a great way to keep a solid color shoe interesting without embellishments. Straps are fun, just give yourself some extra time to buckle up!

How do I find footwear that stands out? I'm patient, and only buy pieces I love. Seriously, ask my mom. Having a little burst of happiness in the morning while you slip on your hot red flats with the tiny bows....is just the best feeling. All the shoes I'm showing are from different stores (and countries). I recommend starting off by checking the following places: Gilt, Forever21, Parfois (Europe), Nordstrom and discount outlets like TJMaxx/Marshalls or Winners (Canada).  If there are boutiques near your city, I recommend popping in as well to locate unique pieces. I spent a couple hours this week finding a fun selection of flats for you to look through - please check the widget below. They are all different price points, but most are on the affordable end. I tried to find some shoes that were similar to my own, too!

Flat feet? You can always slip insoles in. Shoes half size too big but you love them? Insoles. The purple in my Valentino-inspired flats are insoles for the latter reason. I picked up those shoes at Akira. (I would never waste my measly resident salary on pieces that trendy.)

How do I wear them? I follow a simple rule heard many times before: neutral outfit + funky shoes, or funky outfit + neutral shoes. I'm rarely that person who thinks "Will this match what I have at home?" I make it work people!

Tell me about your favorite pretty shoes and where you go shopping to find them!

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  1. Your flats collection is so cute! They are all so unique and beautiful- definitely want to start building a shoe collection like yours :)



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