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23 August 2016

Hi everyone!

Now that I'm back to living on my own (I had my first place in Chicago for 3 years, before moving downtown with the besties), I've started collecting pieces here and there to decorate the place. Unfortunately, I'm moving at an ant's pace. I'm embarrassed of my fear to order big furniture pieces online. Please contact me with your experiences and recommendations! Anywho, with a larger apartment comes lots of empty space to fill. Pinterest boards have become a go to, and I have a constant running list of what I should add to blank wall A, and floor space B. Below are the photos I'm recently using as inspiration. Hope you enjoy them as well!

stylizimo blog - large, clean wall art
the jungalow - gorgeous bright colors with boho awesomeness
House Beautiful UK - pastel color combos & bronze
I Spy DIY - debating if I should do an accent wall with removable wallpaper
Homemadeinheaven blog- Blue and white vintage dishes + white shelving
Apartment Therapy - bright kitchens with big hipster rugs
A little house on the corner - light accent chairs and interesting pillows
Link - Ideas for balcony decorating! I finally have one!


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