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30 July 2016

Hi everyone!

I just finished 4 weeks of being an official doctor. It has been an amazing, yet crazy adventure! There are things I need to get waaaay better at (understanding a new EMR, learning drug dosages, how to effectively chart review on Epic, etc etc), and some stuff I want to keep throughout the next three years (spending as much time as I can pre-rounding on my patients, answering their questions, and cracking some jokes - patients are the best part of medicine!!). I just finished two weeks of rheumatology and I absolutely loved it. Even on days we rounded until 7pm and I finished my notes at 10pm, I was just incredibly excited to be there ^-^. Whenever I have some spare time on the weekends, I have also been exploring a few Cleveland neighborhoods, and finding decorative pieces for my apartment. I am just going to put it out there, Marshalls' is the real MVP! So without further ado, let's jump right in!

We spent time in Ohio City tracking down pubs to watch the Euro Cup last month. Old Angle Tavern is your spot for soccer - they also make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. PS - I can't believe Portugal won! And I was all alone in Cleveland while my family and the large Portuguese community in Toronto partied away. I was so homesick that weekend!
West Side Market - this indoor market is full of fresh meat, fish, fruits & veggies plus cultural pastries and a fromagerie!

Mitchell's Ice Cream - this ice cream spot is native to Cleveland... infamous really. It's all people talk about when they mention foods to try in the city. There is a large location in Ohio City that has a factory inside. It's housed behind glass walls in a converted theatre, and the smell inside is to die for. The ice cream is incredibly soft and ooey gooey yummy. That evening I tried Blue Cosmo and Banana Cream Pie flavors - I just about died and went to heaven.

This is the new 'Flats' area in downtown Cleveland. There are wonderful restos and pubs bordering the river mouth to Lake Erie, as well as many outdoor festivals in the summertime. I just tried Coastal Taco this week when a couple Toronto friends passed through, and I must say it's a beautiful, fun place. The ambience is very California-like, and they sell Vinho Verde (Portuguese) and the best smore's dessert I've ever eaten! Taco-bout yummm! I also noticed they have yoga sessions by the river on Saturday mornings, $2 Taco Tuesdays with $5 Margaritas, and a DJ spinning on Friday and Saturday evening. I will definitely be back!
Crop Sticks (Flats) - Didn't love it. Maybe I'm just not the biggest fan of asian fusion foods - I'd rather have an authentic Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese dish. However, if you're into fusion cuisine you can find it downtown.
Legacy Village (Lyndhurst, OH) - This is a great pedestrian-friendly outdoor shopping and dining center. If you're a home decor fan, then this place is also for you. It was the first time I went to a Restoration Hardware and my eyeballs melted with happiness. Now if only I could afford it! Above is a quick summer lunch and drinks at California Pizza Kitchen. They have great meal options and a sunny outdoor seating area. I recommend eating here if you spend the day shopping in the area. There is also live music on weekends in the Legacy Village quad!
And of course, being closer to home means mom and dad come for more visits! Stay tuned for more Cleveland neighborhood adventures!


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  1. Congrats on being an official doctor! Loved these pics :)


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