Weekly Favorites: Van Gogh and Vaseline

27 February 2016

Hi everyone!

This week has been great because I'm still on a high from last weekend's visit from the bestie. H flew in from Toronto, and created a beautiful itinerary which we [almost] stuck to 100%. It was such a great break from the fiasco of the weekend prior; our furnace broke down in the middle of a snow storm, and I also had emergency oral surgery for my wisdom teeth. My poor parents were visiting me for the weekend and ended up having to take care of a grumpy girl in an ice cube (me). They're troopers, let me tell you. Below I've included everything I'm loving recently, new favorites, and photos from our escapades in Chicago. Enjoy!
Tiny Vaseline tub for the painful cut splitting open the corner of my lip from surgery- worked like a charm // mom's tea biscuit and pudding cake // Actually, mom & dad x 1000 for taking care of me all weekend after surgery. I freaking love my parents to pieces // makeshift heat packs with rice in a ziploc // motrin // Essie's Armed and Ready // rewatching Baby Daddy episodes because I love Danny // curls // movies, candles & cuddles // snapchat // dutch braids // ad block plus - chrome extension (thank you S, life forever changed)

A quick stop for ice cream at Dylan's Candy Bar on Michigan Ave
art chicago
A quick stop at the Art Institute of Chicago
fine art chicago
Running through the city, admiring the gorgeous architecture.
chicago architecture
An evening at Gibson's Steak House. The Lobster Bisque was insanely good (I could only eat soft food), and my companions really enjoyed their meat. It got 5 stars from all of us.
An evening at John Hancock with H and The Boy. The dinner food was "meh", I'd recommend going for Brunch instead. You're really just paying for the view. Don't forget to get good pictures in the girl's restroom - the best view of Chicago, I promise!

An evening enjoying the Chicago Symphony Orchestra after dinner. You can grab student tickets for a discounted price if you have a student ID. 
Chicago blues club
And then finishing out the night at the B.L.U.E.S Club!

Where do you usually take your friends when they visit your city? What are some of your favorite places in Chicago?


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  1. Look likes such a fun weekend! What did you think of the ice cream at Dylan's? I had been meaning to try it before I left (I worked right by there) but never got the chance. Did I really miss out?

    xx, Caitlin


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