Current Favorites - Chai Tea Lattes & Parris Goebel

9 February 2016

Hi everyone!

Today I'm sharing what I've been loving lately, as well as some interesting links floating around the internet.
taylor tippett
braids * vanilla chai tea from Boathouse (7g of protein!) * 8 min walk to my radiology rotation * bullet journaling * The Great British Bake Off (season 5 & 6 are done!) * weekly food prep * coconut greek yogurt from Chobani * Neutrogena face wipes (after the disastrous experience of bad smelling burts bees wipes that also caused a burning rash on my face [organic/natural stuff is still full of allergens], I had to go back to the derm-recommended Neutrogena. I will never stray again!) * Eos trio by Rachel Roy * deep cleaning my apartment now that I'm officially home * 2 accepted pubs * nutella pocket by Stan's Donuts (you're welcome) * Blagger by Butter London * using my tea set

Work Wear by Net-A-Porter
Do I Regret Plastic Surgery? - Dulce Candy (candid vlog)
Systemic Disease - anonymous accounts of sexism and racism in med school/residency/post-training
Posture Check (I need this) - review here
Trendy backpacks - floral, chain and perforated 
Oldie but a goodie - Royal Family 2015 WOD
(I love this video for 2 reasons: the INSANE choreography [thank you Parris Goebel], and how it really shows the universality of dance. It doesn't matter your age, gender, race, body shape, sexuality, etc- as long as you can work it, dance is beautiful.)

What have all of you been loving lately? 

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