Things I Love Thursday

17 April 2014

Thought I'd pop on here to remind myself that there is life outside of books & my apartment.
the fact that evenings are finally light outside * lapis of luxury by essie * consistently getting ENTJ no matter how many times I do the Myers-Briggs test - I feel like it helps refocus me * no longer wearing two pairs of pants * flowers that last two weeks * self heating face masks whaaaaat * deactivating facebook * writing notes in pretty colors* listening to the top ten auditions on X factor (am I that lame? I don't even watch X factor, I just love youtube.) * new ASMR videos * long talks * my little car * discovering a new library * poppin highlighters * being introduced to 'studyspo' on tumblr after one of my academic toolbox links went on fire * red pepper hummus * the sounds of 5am (of course I'm still up) * apartment hunting in chicago * dating someone who can cook! 
[I'm collecting apartment inspo on study breaks, because I'll be getting a bigger space (& roommates)!]



  1. highlighters and pretty pens are my loves too! and long talks and Spring weather, finally. Also I finally did the personality type tests after seeing this post and hearing you talk about it a couple of times and I got INTJ so there is that. I love that home space photo :)

  2. I'm an INTP! And red pepper hummus, gosh...


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