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25 April 2014

Hey lovelies!

     I've been collecting a few images as inspiration for the next couple years (re: life) I have to spend wearing 'professional' clothes. This July I start rotating in hospitals (right after writing the big exam), and I realized I have very few items to wear. Seriously... I'm more of a fashion + casual kinda gal, not a dressy shoes + blazers woman. No choice, now. No choice.
    Annnd, I don't know about you guys, but I'm picky as sh*t when it comes to clothes. I refuse to look boring, but now I also need to walk the fine line of appropriate and too distracting. [Side note: Can you believe this? The only things I have worry about are grades & clothes. I live a good life!]


Source: pinterest

So tell me, what are your classy go-to pieces?



  1. I especially love both of the pants above! The pink ones are so gorgeous and the details around the waist of the black ones takes them to the next level. I'm totally with you about not looking boring but still keeping it professional!
    I found your blog through Fran and being a first-year med student, I'm excited to follow you through your third year. I'm assuming you're still studying for your Step exam, so good luck!!

  2. White shirts always saves my life when it comes to office dressing. I am always in search for the perfect white dress shirt. and black pants. Those are super hard to find!

  3. babe you are going to be one stylish doctor!! love all of these outfits specially the full skirts <3
    The Fashionista Bubble

  4. I love that first picture. Classy and elegant, but still fun and casual enough for daytime. Whenever I have to look dressier, I reach for silky pieces. I don't know why. That's probably why I'm drawn to that picture, as well!

    xo Ashley

  5. Very inspiring. I love classy style

  6. I'm also an M2 (Step study break!). My go-to clinic outfits are all J. Crew Minnie's with cute blouses and sweaters. Minnie's always seem to go on sale at the end of the season and they come in loads of colors. I love love love full skirts and fit-and-flare dresses, but I've found them to be really unflattering under my white coat. I'm trying to build up my wardrobe for next year too -- any ideas for cute full-length pants for skinny girls??

  7. These photos are just stunning! All of these looks are so lovely. My fashion goal for the summer it to make my outfits a little more put together (rather than haphazard as they usually are). Definitely pinning these looks to my inspo board. x E

  8. love these outfits - particularly the midi skirt ones.
    so effortless yet so chic.
    thank you for sharing!


  9. Love your blog chantelle!

  10. I love this post! And I love that someone who is just as in love with excentric fashion as I am understands what having no choice means when you need to dress for the hospital.
    I don't know what the rules are where you're studying, but here we are not allowed to paint our nails! This is the worst thing EVER!!


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