Recipes That Worked: Moroccan Eggs

20 April 2014

I saw this dish on The Londoner (what's new..) and I decided to try it out last month. I love tomatoes, and eggs, and...who doesn't like chorizo? Seeing Rosie's pictures on her blog just made me salivate over the real thing. Aaaaaand it was pretty simple! You basically simmer this conglomeration of awesomeness on a skillet, and then plop it on the table to dip your bread in. We sliced up a french stick, and toasted it lightly in the oven before eating. This is a great appetizer dish, and you can always adjust the ingredients as you see fit. 
We may or may not have eaten it with some steak wrapped in bacon. I'm just saying. 

The next morning we headed out for a petit walk. Luckily it has gotten a lot warmer since then, and I cannot wait for full-fledged spring. Come onnnnn....



  1. I'm obsessed with The Londoner too - she's always up to something fun! This looks ridiculously, mouth-wateringly good!

  2. yummy! I saw this recipe too and you just reminded me again, I'm going to try it soon I cannot stop looking at that photo haha

  3. OH yum, those look amazing!! xE

  4. Can't wait to visit you in your new place & try out recipes! <3


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