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2 December 2013

Heya everyone!
I thought I'd share a few things I've been loving lately, including two reviews of products that were sent to me.

First up, I finally tried those EOS lipbalms everyone's been harping about. I have the mint one, and it is a ball of tingly divine loveliness (although not as moisturizing as Carmex, it always takes the cake). It can be a super cute stocking stuffer, or a small self-prezzie to keep in your winter coat pocket.
Secondly, I was sent this Iconemesis iPhone 5 case to check out. I was able to choose any print I wanted, and the selection is quite fantastic. I settled on Fifi Lapin, and it was a big hit during Thanksgiving dinner. My case was a little snug and didn't click in completely, but it was pretty unnoticeable. (I had a few of my friends try to push the phone in, but to no avail. I might have just gotten a wonky case.) Unfortunately, I did end up dropping my iPhone on the concrete two days ago, and it got a little scratch on the edge that didn't get snapped in. C'est la vie! I still use it, because it's so darn cute and I already have a couple scratches from other cases as well. Pobody's Nerfect! Look at this one - droool.

This is the second and final item I was sent to review, Photo Plasma SPF 30. Let me tell you... it does something none of my other creams have done before: No Burning. Several years ago I settled on the fact that my skin is super-sensitive and reacts to everything. I have been using my Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF for years, because it burns less than Aveeno Positively Radiant. But little buggers has NO BURN. AND a higher SPF. AND it looks like pink fluffy mousse. I love it! Does anyone else get that burning sensation with their skin products? I don't think anything will ever be as bad as my first few months on Epiduo (I wrote about it here), but it's still quite annoying.

I picked this little hat up at Aerie while waiting for a friend. Sparkly gems are the greatest! And I finally have something that matches perfectly with my grey cable knit snood. *happy dance*

This is not a "thing". I took this shot with the VSCO cam, an app my friend S. told me to download for my iPhone. Holy manoley it's amazing, and it's FREE. You should all get it. The control you have over shots is amazing, even their filters are super cool. Check out some of the pictures taken by photographers here.

And finally, a couple products I've had for a while and love. The Brazil Nut body butter is such a great scent for fall and winter; I also enjoy the fact that it has to melt a bit in my hand. I talked about this product before on the blog, but I just need to bring it back on here to show some love.
The Falsies by Maybelline was bought on a whim when I realized I should have thrown out my mascara a couple months ago. (Is anyone else terrible with cosmetic expiry dates?) I was pretty shocked when this hot pink tube gave me super long, thick baby doll lashes. My favourite!

What are products are you loving lately?
Has anyone found the perfect black liquid liner yet? Seriously, tell me!



  1. Cute case & very interested in that Perricone cream. My skin is sensitive as well and I'm very sensitive to scent so I like using CeraVe moisturizer. I'll be writing a November favorites post soon!
    zozo @ atelier zozo

  2. Hi Chantelle! I absolutely adore your blog. One question: would you ever consider making the font size of your blog posts bigger? I have to zoom in every time I read your posts :P

    1. Hey anon! Yes I'm going to get on that when I re-vamp the blog. I'm not sure how large it looks on your computer, because I've checked it on several browsers (safari and IE and Mozilla). It comes up fine, but I know there are a couple other people who mentioned they'd like a larger font. Could you tell me what browser you use so I can collect information?

  3. These things all look amazing, especially that cute phone case! I've also been obsessed with VSCO Cam ever since it came out on Android. Now I don't think I could ever go back to plain old Instagram filters...

  4. Love that phone case it's so pretty and all the other ones on that site too! and that beanie is just so cute a little sparkle is perfect for the winter months. Love that body shop body butters and that scent is one of my favourites. I've been loving lots of skin care goodies this month :)

  5. hi chantelle! i discovered you from laura's blog and am glad to discover another midwest med student who likes to do something other than stare at ppt's all day :) took a study break from the craziness of micro to read through your study tips posts and they helped!

  6. Angie I'm so glad you stopped by! I'll be sure to check out your blog since it's so rare to find fellow med students/science lovers who also take a liking to fashion, etc.

  7. i looooove eos lip balms.
    a staple in my makeup bag.
    i also love body shop body butters - coconut has been my favourite scent as of recently.


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