Birthdays, Christmas & Toronto

23 December 2013

Hi lovelies!!

It has been a whirlwind of a few days, and they were quite amazing. My birthday was last Thursday, and I was hunkered down studying for an exam the whole day. After the exam, I scrambled around my apartment packing, cleaning, and washing my hair. Afterwards, The Boy and I made our way downtown to catch a Second City production, and spent the night cuddling + watching Kitchen Nightmares (we are addicted!). Saturday morning we woke up at 6am, and drove down to the airport for my flight to Toronto. My parents had a cute surprise birthday dinner for me, and all of us got to eat my favourite Italian food and a delicious cake from Dufflet (plus a ton of other great sweets made with love). Sunday was spent in candlelight (because our power went out after the ice storm), whilst eating left overs, playing brain games, talking and laughing ... and drinking. It was such a nice break from technology that I'm wondering why we don't do it more often. At our house we are getting ready for the Christmas festivities, and it smells delicious all through the house!

Merry Christmas! 
Happy Holidays!



  1. I love that painting on the wall! Beautiful!

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  2. Love these photos... your Christmas tree is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  3. Such a great table spread! Looks so cute and festive. And I love Kitchen Nightmares. I wished they played it more often. :)



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