Holiday Gift Guide #1: For Your Super-Organized Friends

28 November 2013

 I figured I would jump on the bandwagon, and put together a few quirky gift guides for Christmas. This one is geared towards your super-organized, stationary obsessed friends. They love the smell of fresh paper, and never met a 0.5mm ball point pen they didn't like. Look at all these bright colors! Oh yeahhh... Let's get crackin'!
1. Kate Spade - Emma Pouch
2. Polka-dot washi tape - Madewell
3. Eraser - Poppin

5. "Trust Your Gut" - Etsy print for your motivational wall
6. Spiral pen - ASOS
7. Erasers - Kate Spade
8. Life Planner- Erin Condren

I've got my eye on the last one to keep me on track for Step 1 studying come January + scheduling 3rd year rotations come July. So pretty! 

What kind of person would you like targeted for my next guide? 
I definitely want something out of the ordinary since there are already tons out there!



  1. Ahh this is such a cool series to post on your blog! I'm thinking about doing something similar as well. Love your picks and its so helpful to people who don't know what presents to give!



  2. I love love love all the Kate Spade stuff! It just makes me happy!

  3. ooh why would you do this to me?? this is literally my dream list. the tape, the planners, the erasers <3

  4. Beautiful presents! I would love them all, 'cause I love to organise my whole life! :D

    xx, eleonora

    * eleonoras blog *

  5. Love that polka dotted tape! It is fun to see a unique gift guide...I'll be looking forward to your next ones.

  6. I'd love to get a nice planner fr Christmas :)

    xo Ashley

  7. Thanks for the great post, I love all of the gifts here


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