Recipes That Worked: Simple Sushi

8 April 2013

Last month, The Boy and I decided to test our ability to make delicious, easy sushi. We had a craving one weekend, and that the craving needed to be filled. [We only used one recipe, the rest we learnt as we went.]
1. Collect your fillings - we chose salmon & avocado. Since The Boy wasn't too keen on the safety of raw fish from the market, we shocked it with heat on the skillet for a few seconds. Cut the salmon and avocado into thin vertical slices.

2. We used this sushi rice recipe; worked like a charm. Lay it out in a thin layer, or else you won't have enough seaweed sheet to roll. Thinner than this if you can; The Boy liked his stuffed to the brim.

3. Place your chosen fillings in the center. Intermingle or lay side-by-side. Leave some room around the edges!

4. Roll away! Slice & Manger!
Bon appétit



  1. sooo that looks so so yummy and I want to try it! you guys have made it look so easy.

  2. this looks super hard but very romantic! impressive cooking skills, chantelle!

  3. I've never done sushi by myself... I must try if you said it's easy. :)
    There are beautiful photos on you blog. I love you style!

    Follow me if you like.

    1. thank you, and yes, please do test it out!!

  4. Um, I am so impressed that you were able to make sushi!! That is crazy. One of the things on my life list is to learn how to make sushi like a pro.

    I'm going to be coming to Chicago for a weekend in May! I haven't been in years and years and would love if you could pass on some of your favourite places I should visit while I'm there!


  5. OOOOOOOH YUMMY! Thanks for the tutorial!



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  6. This is very impressive, in my opinion you have to be very neat and attentive to detail to create this dish. I am soo not a fan of sushi, I knew I didn't like it before I tried it but I tried it just the same. As suspected, not really my thing but I appreciate its colourful appearance :)

  7. I love Sushi and you've made it look so easy to make. It always looked so fiddly to me but I'm going to try it now! x


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