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18 April 2013

A while back, I used to make posts chockfull of Etsy accounts that had beautiful handmade jewelry, or clothing. But, with the workload in school increasing, and my ever so frequent blog-reading binges, I completely forgot about Etsy. I KNOW! I know. [I remember reading an article stating that social media and blog over-saturation was making everyone less creative. Sometimes I have to agree, if only to confirm that SM and blogs take up time that could probably be better devoted brainstorming quirky, original blog posts.] Nonetheless, I've got some sweet eye candy for you! Scroll down to the bottom to catch this week's Things I Love Thursday.

.....And before I leave you, here's my Things I Love Thursday post for the week:
* pink flowers * Black Knight by ButterLondon * homemade vegetarian pizza * hanging some pretty pictures in my room * fluffy duvets * clay face masks * Anatomical dissections of animals at the Museum of Industry and Science * the set of Melancholia * discovering chocolate chip cookies with Reese's Pieces * Gorging on Indian food * Running my first 5k after only running 7 times - debating how great an idea that was considering my knee retaliated oops! * watching movies and eating green tea ice cream * gratitude lists



  1. Eek! So cute! Love the fold over clutch and the chunky necklace!!

  2. chocolate chip cookies with reeses pieces!? what.

  3. I have to agree the more time I spend on SM can sometimes mean that I lose some of my creativity!
    I can't stay away from my favourite blogs though! haha. Love that bracelet it's so beautiful and in my favourite colour :)

  4. I am absolutely smitten with the dress!!

  5. So many gorgeous items! I'd pick everything :) Btw I'm the same dw, constantly daydreaming about the countries I'd love to visit, but at least I try to travel as much as possible. Obviously circumstances (such as oh let's see, my bank account) make this dream slightly more difficult. But I make the most of things :)

  6. Omg I love the clutch bag! Checking it out now looks so nice in black too :) xo


  7. Loving those bags!

    xo Ashley


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