Closet Essential: The Leather Jacket

2 August 2012

Hello lovelies,

I just purchased my first lambskin, motorcycle jacket this week & I decided to share some information with all of you. I have always been hesitant to invest in a leather jacket, mostly because of the price tag, and which style to settle on. Up until Monday I had never tried on a piece that felt great. None of the jackets had that "it factor":  proper fit around the shoulders, nice tapering at the waist, good sleeve length, nice shade, cool zippers, multiple collar options, etc etc. Whenever I find something I adore, be it an object/person/experience, I get this weird....tingling, unexplainable feeling & I usually run with it. [Recently I had it right before the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises, and when I spotted a chrome rabbit statue]. So when I popped this baby on and started tingling, I was a goner. Below I've added a bunch of tips & facts to help you find your perfect leather jacket. Bookmark & enjoy!

Before Buying
- If you move around a lot or want something soft and light, lambskin or goatskin leather is best. This material is used for drapey, supple jackets à la Mr. Rick Owens.
- There are many different styles! Choose one that suits your body, and your wardrobe. Cargo & Moto = casual and edgy. Blazer & trench or peacoat style = business, and classy sophistication.
- Want one for winter? Definitely go with cow leather, thick lining....and shearling!
- If you have a bigger chest, avoid lots of details and embellishments up top. If you have broad shoulders, avoid extra padding and little Victorian poufs.

Guide for a proper fit (taken from GQ): Look for high-cut arm holes so you don't have extra leather bunching up around your armpits. Go a size down to keep it nice and trim to your body (If you like wearing a hoodie/sweater underneath to add warmth, then bring it with you.) Make sure the sleeves are slim, you can't tailor leather like you can suits and dresses. Keep in mind that the jacket must hit at the waist, and isn't longer than that (unless you're getting a trench or cropped version).

- Play with the collar: open, closed, halfway, etc. Add a scarf - Check out Wendy's infamous scarf-tutorial.
- If you can, unsnap the cuffs and roll'em up. This is great for warmer seasons, like early fall or spring. Try this with a 3/4 length button-down shirt peaking out, and go for a preppy look.
- Remember, your jacket can pull a completely different look if it's left open vs zipped up. Take advantage of that. 
- Put aside the cardigans or hoodies that can fit underneath your new purchase. 
- With that in mind, also find the gloves and hats that combine well with your shade of leather. Mine is a distressed dark brown + moto-style, so I'd wear a beanie but not a beret or cloche. 

I picked up my jacket at Danier. If you're very scrawny like me, they have a xxxs that fits like a glove. I'm not sure how available this store is in the USA, so here are a few links to brands within the same price point ($400-$650): Veda, alice + olivia, Rebecca Minkoff, Helmut Lang, T by Alexander Wang, & Thakoon [ShopBop is having a summer sale, so these designers are currently more affordable.], Gap, French Connection, BCBG, and Zara.



  1. I've been on the search for a leather jacket as well. And I know exactly what you mean by that tingling feeling - I love it!

  2. Gracias! And yes Steph, always listen to the tingling feeling. I keep walking into my closet and looking at my jacket. SO EXCITED TO WEAR IT...FOREVER.

  3. Love your outfit so much!!

    You look amazing !

    Just stopped by your blog and I am an instant follower now ;)

    I want to invite you to join my first $25 Rire Boutique Giveaway Contest !

    Check it out when you have the time :)



  4. I love it! There are sooo many amazing leather jackets on sale this season, by far my fav model are the biker jackets, I love the attitude they bring! Great purchase, you shall not regret it!

  5. LOOOOOVE! Get ready for the Halloweens when we bust these out with our storm trooper masks.

  6. Aaaand, I just watched the Tom Hardy rap video on your EA tumblr. If he wasn't in a mask throughout The Dark Knight Rises, you would've gotten pregnant and I would've gotten arrested for public indiscretion. Hnnnnnnngggggg.

  7. **public indecency

  8. Love it, its perfect!

  9. gorgeous

  10. Helen... you KILL ME. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

  11. that jacket is probably the best buy ever. i wish i could get it!
    california personal style blog

  12. Stop it! I'm dying this leather jacket is too good! I've been searching for a good leather jacket for so long and I think you've nailed it! Such a cute outfit lady! xx mandy

  13. I love your jacket! What's the name of this jacket?


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