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13 August 2012

Hola everyone!

Today was the first day of school for the fall quarter!!! We're starting with embryology, and I'm pretty excited because I touched base on this topic in undergrad (during two of my favourite science courses). Babies, sperm and eggs, oh my!

   Anyway, here are a few photos of a dress that was sent to me from Sheinside back in May. I know, I know... I'm that behind. It's another garment that was subject to tailoring before I got to wear it, so props again to Montgomery Alterations. The dress itself is spot on with the high-low skirt trend of the season, and the color is a nice neutral. I paired it with a thick belt I found in my mom's closet in order to give me a bit of shape, and a funky pair of cage pumps. You have no idea how much fun I have prancing around in dresses that make me feel like a fairy. I just die with glee. If I were reincarnated into a fictional creature, I'd definitely be Tinkerbell or one of her minions.

And a quick update: I made an August resolution that I would not buy any fashion-related purchases until December. There's a new purse in my collection that I will blog about soon, and it was the last purchase before I began my lockdown. I totally went out with a BANG. You'll love it!



  1. i LOVE that dress. it's so ethereal. and how exciting about school!! can't wait to hear all about it, i know you'll do amazing !

  2. Loving the color and cut of this dress on you!

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  3. I love your blog! Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for an award, please check out my blog for more info. www.nerdynailart.wordpress.com

  4. You look soooo gorgeous!! No idea how you're going to hold off on purchases til December. I put myself on a shopping ban for this weekend an already broke it!! Whoops.
    You look lovely! x E

  5. Oh I should've sought your advice sooner: I'm jet setting to Chicago this week for a wedding and was trying to figure out the appropriate pieces to bring.

    Good luck with grad and the lockdown :S

    te amo,

  6. you look stunning!!! love the dress!!

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  7. Gorgeous dress! I love your outfit :)



  8. Such a very pretty dress! love how it flows so beautifully too! <3


  9. veryyyyyyyyyyyyy nice! love it! love the dress and the combo with the heels....

  10. Nice dress and beautiful women!


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