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19 July 2012

Gisele can do no wrong. Vogue Brazil - July 2012


  1. i am obsessed with gisele. i just want her hair (ok, and her body)

  2. i loved every single one of your comments! you are le sweet ! and i know, my brother and I decided to give up on FBook together (trying to encourage friends to actually pick up the phone rather than 'write on the wall" haha)


  3. Ughhh Sienna. I totally agree. I only have one friend who calls me. Hahaha, maybe I shout boycott FB as well. My med school class has a forum on it though, and I love it for pre-test questions because we all discuss them on there. It's really helpful. May sure you don't miss out in grad school at NYU.

    P.S. I'm obsessed with your instagram photos!

  4. Hi Chantelle!

    Love your blog :) Gisele is my favorite supermodel of all time - gorgeous!


  5. she is gorgeous!
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  6. Hey, this is my first visit and I already know I am going to be back here. Really loved ur blog!
    Visit me. :)


  7. She is such a badass! I love these shots. You have so much awesome inspiration and darling personal style to share- thank you!



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