WiNK NYC Feature + Diet Update

5 May 2011

Hey world!

My dorky face was on WiNK NYC today! I just wrote a guest post on their blog for a S/S 2011 trend I'm loving: menswear-inspired fashion. If you have time, check it out!

Anywho, diet update:
It's only day 5, and I'm getting moody/cranky because I'm hungry all the time. Since I have to avoid carbs and dairy, I don't get that sense of "fullness" as easy as I used to. I've upped my serving portions today, and it seems to be working. Also, I haven't cut out dairy COMPLETELY, because I don't want to get sick when I re-start drinking milk, or eating cheese, and ice cream, and anything else that's delicious in this world. I have a green tea latte once or twice a week - that's my limit (no more dairy and sugar than that). The only thing that makes Starbucks acceptable is the fact that this drink is green tea, which is an antioxidant.

Here are some pictures I took in The Junction a few weeks ago; it's an upcoming hipster/yuppie area in Toronto. Because it's not mainstream yet, so I am revelling in its quiet specialness.

{ Hand-made works in Metropolis. Brilliant work. If I was a store, I'd be this one.}


{Mjolk - Scandinavian and Japanese minimalist interior decor. Brilliant pieces here. I'm talking... a $500 ruler done in glass with embedded miniature blossoms as 1 cm mark points.}

{The Beet- an organic cafe with delicious grilled chicken sandwiches.}

A picture that perfectly captures my mood right now.


  1. you are so committed. are you feeling any differences in your skin/hair yet??

  2. I'm convinced my skin is less oily. I've stopped using blotting papers, but perhaps this is just a fluke for the first week! I'll keep updating!

  3. Love the last shot!!! You look so serene!

  4. I don't think I could ever give up dairy... :/ Good luck to you!!

  5. Thanks! I haven't cut it out cold-turkey... but almost. :(

  6. Great Editorial! I like her dangling earrings they remind me of this season's Chanel ones. Oh just be careful with the diet. I tried detox a couple of times, bc I'm allergic to soy and wanted to get rid of toxin, but I started to feel sick.

    Tallulah Doll


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