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16 May 2011

Skin update
What I've learned thus far on the Feed Your Face Diet: I have stress-induced breakouts. Everything was fine and dandy, until I started studying for a test I have this week. This diet is showing me that my regular diet was pretty good (GO ME!), and that I need meditation classes. Damn, hormones.
Next step: Since my skin is acting as it usually would, had I not been on the diet, I want to keep sticking to the regime until the 20th, then use the next 11 days to get back to my normal eating routine and tell you guys if anything significant happens. This is really exciting; I've never experimented on myself before, but I think it's pretty informative... like a path of self-discovery.

images: kookaii flickr, tigerluxe flickr


  1. i totally have stress induced break outs too, isn't it the worst? i'm loving your updates on this though, and i kinda need that baby blue bag in my wardrobe...

  2. Your font is so small and light I can never read your posts :'(

    But OMG you always have THE most adorable quotes!!! Please reply to me where you find these!!!

    Love the blue bag, the color is very Tiffany&Co.

    gorgeous gorgeous

    Peace & love
    oxo, ETTE


  3. Oh no! My mac is showing the font fine. I'll double check on a PC soon. Thanks for telling me!

  4. i used to have pimples before but after giving birth it all suddenly stopped. weird hormones.

    but i bet you still looked pretty.

  5. Loving that skirt! Good eye!


  6. I absolutely LOVE that bag, cute seashells, too. I use to break A LOT, but it stopped, now I just have a few acne marks. A good diet and exercise is always good. When I went vegetarian I saw a big improvement. Use good products, it takes time but it works :) xo

  7. adorable bag!! love the color <3

  8. Oh, nice bag!!!!


  9. Oh chantelle, goodluck with your skin, diet and your exams. At least you're naturally pretty, so you're blessed in that way. Nobody is perfect, so maybe it's worse in your perception that it really is. However, i noticed that putting toothpaste overnight on zits, reduces them. Sounds gross but it works!

    Loving the bag!
    Btw, thanks for checking out Miley's street style on my style blog. I commented back!!

    Tallulah Doll

  10. I love that bag. The color is amazing!


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