May Challenge + Interior Design

29 April 2011

Hey ladies and gents,

    I am 2 days away from my May challenge, and have been stuffing my face with chocolates and non-whole-weat pasta. For those of you who don't know, I'm going on the Feed Your Face Diet created by Dr. Jessica Wu (below). No it is not a weight-loss diet, I'm underweight so I don't need it (although it would probably help most of the population slim down since the food is so healthy). I'll be documenting my progress as the weeks progress; Dr. Wu's book has gotten me really excited about seeing changes in my skin (and hair and nails!). It's a fantastic read, and I recommend it to you all. She even provides great insight into the beauty industry, and it's sneaky manipulation through advertisements. [Basically, you wash off all the products you put on your skin, and creams just sit on the surface. They're not going to elicit the change you're looking for. The problem lies layers and layers deep- only your diet and injections can reach it. I was pretty devastated about all the money I spent on expensive products over the years. What a waste.]
     Anywho, below I've posted some interior design images that have inspired me as of late. I can't wait to have my own place one day!

Have a great weekend everyone! If you're interested in my new skin bible, you can follow the link below. I'm going to be reading a bunch of books all summer, so I'll keep ya'll posted on my favourites. :D
images: tumblr


  1. Love all these pics! SO inspiring

  2. hi gorgeous. can't wait for your may challenge! and you said you may be in the UK or ireland in the next year or so? you better tell me if you are!!! xxx

  3. I most definitely will Sienna! 4-5 years in Europe would be a dreaaaam!


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