Shoe Lessons: My life at 5'8".

13 April 2011

What I learnt during my 31-days of wedges & heels:
[+] High shoes = better posture.
[+] After 8-15 hours, the backs of your legs get a real good work-out. During my first week I was sore just from walking my normal routes.
[+] I really missed my flat shoes. :(
[+] I felt/looked older. Which means I finally looked 20-something, instead of a teenager.
[+] Great practice for walking in heels. After 6 hours it gets challenging, especially with blisters, so a lesson in perseverance was learnt on my end.
[+] I always knew I loved wedges... But now it's official.
[+] Being taller than most females on campus is awesome.
[+] Your legs look loooooooonger. 
[+] Every outfit you wear will look exponentially more dressed-up.
[+] I discovered the ideal "everyday-walking" heel (for me) is 3.5 inches. For wedges, I found it best to spend the day in a 5 inch back to 1 inch platform.
[+] None of the rules above applied to my "going out" shoes, since I only spent a few hours in them.
[+] I got more compliments on my inexpensive shoes than my expensive shoes. Strangers & friends were attracted to fun details, not soft leather and neat stitching. Lesson: Buy interesting shoes in different price brackets.
[+] I don't have enough comfortable heels or wedges in my wardrobe. True story. By the last week, I was repeating two pairs over and over. 
[+] When dancing in 6-inch heels at a wedding, take off your shoes before you hurt somebody.
[+] My most important lesson was the following: I'm a size 7 in boots, and a size 6 in sandals. The open-toes give me more room to slip forward in, while the boots don't. Also, size 6 straps fit snuggly across my narrow foot, while size 6.5/7 straps are too loose (causing my feet to slip out when I walk). I honestly recommend that you wear each pair of your wedges & heel for a day to see which sizing works for you. After my challenge I donated a pair of boots that were too tall for everyday wear, and another pair that were too tight (It took an hour for my toes to regain their normal position. Those shoes were serious bunion makers).
...and finally
[+] Instant sex-appeal. You have been warned.
all images from jak&jil


  1. This is the cutest idea! You always have very put-together and well-thought-out blog entries. Keep up the good work (:


  2. Nice display of shoes :)

  3. this was an amazing post. i seriously can relate to the not looking your age thing, i'm 21 and everyone thinks i'm 15 unless i'm in heels, which usually helps. i loved all the lessons you learned! but wait--are you 5'8 naturally or with heels?

  4. Haha I'm 5'8" with heels! I got a nice view from up there.

  5. thanks for your comment on my blog! I totally agredd with you! experiences make us grow stronger :)

    great post! I love heels, however i always fall in love with the wrong ones - i mean i really love mine but aren't that comfortable to walk around with!

    jos xx

  6. Love this post!

  7. I love love this post! I would love to try this challenge out myself, though I feel as if I would look a bit overly dressed when on campus. Plus being, 5'7 as it is, I would be fairly significantly tall. haha Wonderful tips as well, love your blog! ♥

  8. Yes, yes, yes, I do adore wearing heels. My feet do get very tired after a whole day of heels but I can not walk in anything else. No, really, I walk like duck in flats after 4 years of heels :))

    It was really fun reading your post, I so adore these experiments of your!

  9. wow i don't think i could live without my flat shoes! i'm a total klutz anyway so i usually stick to awkward looking wedge boots rather than more feminine heels..seems to suit my style better :)

  10. What a fabulous idea! And this final image is so fierce. Lovely post, great blog x

  11. Wise feat!
    I was growing tired of the way my legs on my 5'4" body looked at certain angles in flats.

    So I've been living in my slouchy, soft-leather black thick 3" "heeled" boots. And I say "heeled" because I often forget, as they're dailies. They were my size but with a slightly narrow front. So I merely got the toe boxes stretched for tres cheap and slipped in some Dr.Scholls.

    Though I shouldn't be dependent upon them for my self-esteem, donning comfy heels/wedges truly helps the confidence factor. Longer seeming legs? Yes, please.

  12. im 5;8 also lovely!! i think it was all in my dancing years though that has now allowed me to be able to wear any heel i want! there's your answer :))

  13. Yikes...heels for that long? I would die. I can barely wear them for a few hours, so props girl! xo

    strawberry freckleface

  14. great research idea and observations at the end!:D i liked this post so much,it's so funny and with great pics!:) awesome blog as well,following u now on google and bloglovin!:)


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