“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

7 January 2020

Hi everyone,

I have come across a few favourites in the recent weeks, and I thought I should come by and share them with you all!

First and foremost, I need to tell you lot about an amazing novel I read in Nov-Dec 2019. Actually, it was three novels since the story spans a trilogy. It's called Night Angel by Brent Weeks. If you're into fantasy and action, this is the book for you. It involves assassins, magic, a medieval-like setting, action, plot twists and a slip of romance. The characters are well developed and unique. The story is easy to follow, but it's so creative and beautiful that you end up getting sucked into a new world where darkness wants to prevail but rays of light are always fighting the good fight.
Bagatelle faux leather leggings - I started with a grey pair that I got obsessed with. Immediately I went on the hunt to build my collection. Wilfred Free makes gorgeous black pleather leggings which are now in my arsenal, too. I'm waiting to pull the trigger on a pair of Spanx, but haven't decided on the design. What are some of your favorite leather/pleather leggings?
mariannan leggings
credit - mariannan
Oretta - A gorgeous art deco restaurant that serves delicious Italian food. It's on my bucket list to check out in Toronto! My BFFs and I are going to schedule everything out for the rest of the year. 

Hope you're all starting off 2020 on the right foot. I've been on call since New Years Eve, and CANNOT WAIT TO SAY GOODBYE TO THIS PAGER in a few days!


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