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2 October 2018

Hi everyone!

It has been a WHILLLLEE. I always tell myself at the beginning of every year that I'm going to blog more since I love having snippets of my life documented... but alas I am always forgetting. I admit, I have my priorities in other areas! Nevertheless, I thought I would share what has been happening over the summer and early fall.

First of all, I spent some time in Toronto during August and had an amazing time. However, the best part was definitely the memories I made with mom & dad! I was totally spoiled with delicious Portuguese dinners, and a ton of daily laughs. Not to mention a few jaunts to Wasaga for some beach time. I swear on my favorite cable-knit sweater I will live near the water one day! It brings me so much peace.

Here are some of the places I tried out with my lovely friends:
1. iHalo Krunch - activated charcoal ice cream. It was sweet, refreshing and tasted like crisp coconut! I really enjoyed it and would go back. The purple part was made of sweet yam, and tasted like a generic sweet ice cream.

2. Bannock - poutine pizza. I am dead, it was so good. For those of you who don't know, poutine is the quintessential 'dish of Canadians'. This one had duck in it, which provided a lovely combination with the fries and gravy.
3. Ramen Isshin - the best ramen I've eaten. I sometimes find the broth taste overbearing, but this had a wonderful balance and I nearly cleaned out the bowl on my own!
4. Patois - a Asian-Jamaican soul food restaurant. The dishes were amazing, but the cookie butter french toast nearly killed me with goodness.

Wasaga Beach - the longest freshwater beach in the world. The water is super clear and it's shallow forEVER. I love going here!
And so we end at my first hotel during the commencement of my fellowship interview journey!
I will hopefully post in the next few weeks on my journey into sustainable living/reduced plastic consumption!

What was everyone's summer like?!


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