The Best Gym Bag and What I Carry In It

21 June 2018

Hi everyone!

I've been putting more effort into making it to classes at the gym over the past few months, and in doing so discovered my love for yoga (and my tight hamstrings!). In the process, I have also begun to replace all of my old work-out gear. I started off by buying a proper gym bag since mine was falling apart. My 2 requirements were: a separate shoe compartment, and a size wouldn't overpower my petite frame. I picked up the Adidas Squad III duffle with a holographic logo and the aqua strap. FYI: There's multiple color combinations other than this one!
There's a thick crossbody strap and a top handle for transport A side mesh pocket can hold a water bottle.

Miscellaneous gym favorites: 
1. Yoga pants - the ones above are from Betsey Johnson, and they're incredibly comfortable plus has a lovely floral print. I've got my eye on a few pairs from Amazon to add to my collection, but if you're lucky you can find them on steep sale at Marshall's. My other favorites are 90 Degree (soft and very light), and Lululemon (thicker and the most durable in the wash).
2. Crop tees - for hot studio days. I have multiple cotton crop tops from H & M and just re-ordered another four. These are amazing for a casual summer outfit, but I discovered they're fabulous at the gym over a fun sports bra.
3. Non-snag hair ties

I am quite fond of the Nike Free Run brand. They're lightweight and comfortable. I wear them during my long 24-30 hour shifts without issue. For dance classes these are also great, however the Nike flex dance shoes are top dog. Unfortunately, they are INSANE to find nowadays. Here is a link for dance sneakers with an open arch. 
There are also multiple small pockets to tuck in your valuables. I always put my watch and tennis bracelet on the pouch with the soft lining as to avoid ripping mesh. The bag itself is secretly massive and fits multiple gym outfits, a towel, as well as my clear pouch with some essentials (hand sanitizer, travel size deodorant, moisturizer, etc).
This is my favorite part: the side compartment is split into two. I have my ballet slippers in one, and runners in another (those are my old dance sneakers I spoke about). You can also throw in your wet bathing suit and prevent it from soaking your clothes. 

 I typically carry my water bottle with me. I picked this one up at CVS, but I'm eying an aluminum one to keep my water cold for longer periods. 
My favorite protein bar EVER: Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut or Luna S'mores bars. I love them and have been loyal for over 2 years!
Lanyard: this is an Under Armour piece I use to carry my keys and gym card. I was previously carrying everything on a keychain with a pouch, until I accidentally dropped it down the garbage chute in my apartment building. Now my keys are wrapped around my neck when I throw out the trash! No more 10 pm apartment lock-outs for me!

Tell me what essentials you bring to the gym ☺



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