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8 October 2017

Hi everyone!

Three weeks ago I reorganized my kitchen, and one of the moves was to place all my hot beverage items onto a kitchen cart so I can make a small coffee/tea/hot chocolate station. I originally had it set up for smoothies, but it wasn't getting much use and was impractical when I had to chop fruits and in such a small space. I've had this new sipping station set up for a sufficient enough time to tell you it is very effective, shortens your beverage making time, and ensures your products don't sit unforgotten!

Up top I have my Keurig, and my french press. There is a huge difference in taste and consistency with a french press; it's truly wonderful. So as many of you know, I am not a regular coffee drinker so what I have in my station is just for pleasure. The following are items I suggest you keep grouped together to make your mornings/sipping breaks super quick and stress-free. 

  • 1. Coffee Maker - I have a Keurig that fits neatly onto the cart top and leaves enough room for other essentials. You can use it to just heat water for tea as well. [Update 1/15/2018: I have a Nespresso De'Longhi machine now, and the concept is the same. The upside is it can make espressos, coffee and grande coffees. The downside is I live in Cleveland and have to order my capsules online, because there is no Nespresso boutique here.]
  • 2. A french press - if you don't know how to use one here is a youtube video by a cool, no-BS dad. It's very easy.
  • 3. A small tray with your fave drinks - I got mine from Poppin'.
  • 4. Keurig reusable pod - this is for when I want my own coffee in the Keurig. 
  • 5. Coffee and Tea! On rotation I have green tea, tazo passion tea, matcha powder, hazelnut ground coffee, hazelnut pods, and a two-step french vanilla Starbucks drink.
  • 6. Sugar holder - I picked up this cute pineapple at Marshall's last year. Similar here and here.
Tips - get an electric kettle, it is a massive time saver for cooking, drinks, pouring it down your garbage disposal to kill bacteria (clean freak), anything! It will help get your tea done quick in the AM, or if you want to French Press before you dress. The Keurig can give you some hot water, but it's too short to fit the French Press beaker underneath the water dispenser.
I always keep my mug/thermos out with the required Chantelle "sugar dosing" the night before.
Have your Keurig/Nespresso filled with water and your pod ready to go so your timer, or finger have one job in the AM.
A Fast Matcha Latte - Heat up milk in the microwave (my fave is Silk's Original flavor) for 2-3 mins. Throw in 2 spoons of matcha powder [this depends on your matcha's potency] into the warm milk, pour into a coffee tumbler and give it a good shake as you walk out the door.
Rapid Latte: I make an espresso with my Nespresso machine, then add in hot almond milk (any of your milk preferences are fine, I'm just lactose intolerant so I use alternatives frequently) and sugar/sweetener to taste.

My kitchen cart has 3 additional shelves. I just store extra stuff like a matcha powder tub, cocoa powder, hot chocolate mixes, and some goodies for my protein shakes. This cart was such a thoughtful and useful gift from mom & dad! I recommend it to everyone!

What's on your sippin' station? 


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  1. Oh my gosh, I've honestly been stalking coffee station ideas on Pinterest and then I saw this! Haha. SUCH a great idea. I'm also more of a tea person, but I always have those mornings when only coffee will do the trick, so I think a set up with both would be perfect! Yours is so cute! Thanks for the inspo!

    Susie |


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