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24 September 2017

Hi everyone!

I have been swimming in happiness this week because of the warm weather. It also helped that I got to do house calls with the geriatrics team these past few days, and I really enjoyed it. A person's home can really give you insight into their safety, compliance and mentation. Also, elderly people are just a hoot! This week's schedule also gave me a bit more time to study and deep clean + organize my apartment. It feelsso so good. For those of you who have followed me for a while you'll know I looooove to purge things, and although I'm not a full out minimalist, I truly appreciate and respect that lifestyle. Anywho, I decided to share a few things I've been loving this week, and maybe if I don't get too inundated with work I will make this a regular habit. 😀

1. Blogilates 
I've started the beginner's work-out calendar, and I just cannot get over how happy and bubbly Cassey is. She is such a wonderful, encouraging human being, and the fact that I get to spend half hour listening to her push me almost every day is pure joy. Also, I'm so out of shape guys. I'm only halfway through the calendar, but it has made me realize how much muscle I've lost putting medicine before my own health. A lesson to everyone, you can't help others if you don't help yourself first. Also, working out helps me relate to my patients who are trying to lose weight and make small changes in their life. Some of my most meaningful talks with my patients have been when I'm relating to many of their stories and we share experiences. The human connection is so special, and I'm fortunate to be able to do it every day with new people!

2. Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons podcast
I started listening to this podcast just for fun while shopping for my best friend's birthday gift on Friday, and it has caused insane levels of introspection. I really recommend it for everyone! I know it's targeted for creative types, but it's so applicable to life. There is always something we are putting off because of an acknowledged/unacknowledged fear.

(I picked this little guy up from Fatima (Portugal) and its crystal rainbows are gorgeous!)

3. Bing Raz energy drinks - I love the raspberry version, but this week I've branched out and bought two extra flavors!

4. Finding out why my DSLR photos were coming out a bit grainier than I wanted = my ISO was too high. Guys, total noob move, but watch your ISO!

5. My large leaning mirror for my apartment! I picked it up on Amazon (click here) because I had a large bare space on my wall. I love it, and I can take cute outfit photos!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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