San Francisco 2017 - Part 1

13 April 2017

Hi everyone!

Today I'm sharing a few photos (re: a lot) from my trip to San Francisco last week. This beautiful city has been on my travel bucket list for quite a few years, and I am so happy I went. I got to spend the week with my family, eat lots of food, and really work those legs and buns on the hilly landscape. Guys, if you live in San Fran, I'm jealous of the daily work-out you get just getting from point A to B. Quads for life! Now let's jump in --->
2 hours of sleep? That's okay, I got my comfy flats on.  💪 (I will repurchase these forever)
Grace Cathedral - gorgeous, quiet, peaceful, and free to the public. Light a candle for a loved one. I prayed and had a celestial chat with my grandma. She would have loved to see this place 💗

If there's one thing my longtime readers may know, it's that I love beautiful buildings. Classical and modern architecture are much appreciated in my books, so I spent a lot of time taking photos of them. Luckily, my dad is the original facade buff in the family and when I got tired of holding the camera (let's be real here people, DSLR's are heavy and cumbersome) he would pick up where I left off with some wicked shots. Go dad!
This was the Cable Car Museum - you can see the four cable cars of San Fran being operated here with ropes and wheels. It is amazing! 

Of course a trip to Chinatown was warranted! I missed the latest batch of egg tarts at Golden Gate Bakery, and regret not going back to try them. I wanted to see if they tasted like Portuguese natas.

In Union Square for some shopping! That little cafe on the left sells a mean espresso if you're getting sleepy/tired.
I'm going to wear this blazer all spring and on fresh summer nights. It is amazeballs!
Word on street(car) is that a few of these babies came from Toronto. Eh?
They're so darn cute. I couldn't help myself! 

Ferry Building - filled with market stalls and wonderful smells and flavors. I definitely recommend going here for a lunch and trying lots of different goodies!
Levi's Plaza (red building) - the headquarters. There is a history room on the first floor with old pieces that survived WW2, reappropriation of materials, the history of the Levi jean pants, and many multimedia stations. I definitely recommend a visit for the fashion-inclined. 
Coit Tower (on the hill) - I made my fam climb all those stairs to get to the tower, just for the views of San Francisco taken below. Amazing and exhausting! 


I love these hills!

See you soon on the next post for some more recommendations on sights to see in the beautiful San Francisco 😍


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