Pier W and Traipsing Through Lakewood, Ohio

2 February 2017

Hey everybody! 
I just wanted to share some pictures of the fun weekend my boyfriend and I had in Cleveland. We ended up going to the west side of the city, and checking out Pier W for their famous brunch BUFFET. It was DELICIOUS! There was champagne, tons of chocolate, and the building itself sits on a cliff abutting Lake Erie providing a gorgeous view of downtown. 💗 We did a little photo shoot afterwards, and I got to wear my adorable coat. I picked it up at the re-collection vintage event in the fall (it's from the 1970's)! It was crazy that I found something that unique (moto-style in plaid, made of thick wool) that actually fit me (nothing is every small enough). I couldn't leave her behind.
      We subsequently made our way over to a park by the lake for a long, chilly stroll. It was such a beautiful day out. This was followed by exploring Detroit Ave (Lakewood) and hitting up a few antique stores. I love snooping in those places, even though I barely buy anything. It's like stepping back in time. Afterwards, we headed over to AMC to snuggle up in their big leather reclining seats and enjoy Rogue One. Total heaven! I will never watch a movie any other way again!

What are you all up to this weekend!? 

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