Sukhi & Dan's Chicago Engagement Photos

13 June 2015

Hey everyone,
Today is going to be a fun post! I finally got to get behind the DSLR and exercise my 'photography eyes'. A couple weekends ago we had the perfect opportunity to pack up our cameras (and a few outfit changes) so we could capture some fun images for Sukhi and Dan's wedding website. S&D have been friends of mine since my first year in Chicago, back when I started my Master of Science degree. Sukhi became my med school bestie instantly. We were inseparable!
Anyway, S&D got engaged this past Christmas, and they were looking to create a site so that family and friends could RSVP to their wedding, and get more information on its location. A wedding website needs its two main stars to be showcased, does it not? So with a med student budget and two bloggers in the house, it was a no brainer we were going to do this thing on our own! It was one of the best afternoons I've ever spent in the city. We had so much fun taking these photographs, and the two lovebirds are just a hoot. Always laughing!

^ my fave picture of all time

  For more pretty photos, check out their website here! Sukhi did such a great job working with the template and having a nice photo selection.



  1. These photos are so sweet. They look like such a cute couple!

  2. Lovely photos ♥ They look so cute together!


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