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8 November 2014

Hey everyone!

Here's a quick update on life: I've moved to a different location for my new clerkship (Pediatrics!), and I've officially unpacked my winter wardrobe. It's mostly sweaters, but that's okay... I'll find pants eventually. Below are a few quick photos from a brunch & nature walk The Boy and I had a few weeks ago. It's always fun to get out of the medschool hermit life. I have the pleasure of seeing another Toronto friend this weekend, and I'm so so happy about it. I haven't been home since August and it's wonderful when a tiny slice of my city comes to see little ol' me. How have all of you been?! I hope you're enjoying the new season, and please stay bundled up!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Ahhh I already miss these greens outdoors - the weather's changing so fast!

    I also absolutely love the details on your boots, those are super crazy cute

  2. I absolutely love your boots! The heel detail is adorable (:

    - Deniz

  3. Ooo boots! I love!! Hope you're staying warm in all your cozy sweaters, and have a blast with you Torontonian friend :) x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

    1. Thanks Liz! Hope Toronto is treating you well!

  4. I love nature, your outfits are awesome, especially your boots, I love it so much!!!


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