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18 November 2014

Hey amigos!
I'm just starting my third week of pediatrics, and thus far it has been much more enjoyable than I thought. I have three really great doctors as my preceptors, and they've made learning difficult concepts so much easier. Peds docs in general are just super nice, friendly people. It's never intimidating to ask questions, and that is such a plus for a medical student. Textbooks teach you very 'standard' clinical situations, but reality is more complicated!
Currently, I'm cuddled up in bed, with a diving movie in the background, whilst blogging. I'm as happy as a clam right now. Yay!!

What are all of you up to this week? AAAaaand has anyone tried the peg pants from ASOS yet? (I love their patterns and colors, which I'd like to add to my work wardrobe.)

image sources: madamederosa, AKDO tile, Chanel Accessories, dance leap, collagevintage


  1. "Peds docs in general are just super nice, friendly people. It's never intimidating to ask questions..." & "I'm as happy as a clam right now!" - keep these in mind when deciding on your future career!!! :D

  2. Great pictures! Love the way you write! It seem you are just talking to me like a real close friend

    Lots of love as always


  3. I love the last jumpsuit! Also, I'm shadowing a long surgery for the first time and was wondering if you had any tips on how to eat/drink beforehand? I don't want to be dehydrated, but I also don't want to have to go to the bathroom only a few hours in. Thanks :)

    1. Protein power bars!! Those were my life saver on surgery days for OB/GYN!

  4. Oh, such chic and cool inspiration! Thanks for sharing them :)

  5. Oh I love this post - the last photo with the jumpsuit and the hat - I would die for that look! x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark


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