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27 September 2012

Hey everyone!

I thought I'd share a couple fun spots to hit in Wrigleyville, whether you live in Chicago or you're dropping in for a visit. The Boy and I ventured out to try some infamous sandwiches at Lucky's Sandwich Shop [featured on Man vs. Food], and I couldn't even manage half of my savory monstrosity. It was so big and delicious, and biiiig. We then headed off to catch a show at Improv Opera, where I laughed until my tummy ached. It was my first time seeing an act like this, and I enjoyed it immensely. The fact that I love chuckling, and I appreciate funny people (who are NOT SHY AT ALL) really made my night. Also, has anyone taken improv classes? I definitely want to try my hand at some. The actors were so inspiring!

FYI: Under the bottom layers of 1000x slices of roast beef...there is a layer of french fries. Here's a fantastic close up.

For those of you wanting to try out new eateries in Chicago, fourfried has fantastic food photography of quirky new places to feast. Yum!


  1. That sandwich looks delicious! I love your bag, too. :)

  2. Haha it was, I wish I could eat more of it. The cheese made my lactose intolerance act up, unfortunately. And thanks for the bag compliment; it is my favourite purchase of the year.

  3. The sandwich looks huge! And delicious ;)

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I love your outfit, and that roast beef - yum! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  5. I can't wait to visit Chicago, it looks like such a beautiful city!!!!

    You look stunning!

    P.S. Love your red Wang

    Marta :)

  6. Thanks you guys!! Marta you must visit (it's especially beautiful in the summer, so I suggest a warm visit for strolls along the lake front). The A Wang is attached to me. It's really the perfect size and not heavy. I'm glad I didn't go with the Rocco.

  7. you're only an inch taller than me (i'm 5'3, your 5'4, yes?) but you look SO tall! seriously, i'm jealous. still loving your rocco.

  8. Incredibile sandwich !
    Cecil in rome


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