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11 September 2012

Hey everyone,

I though I'd pop a few photos of my apartment, since it is where I spend most of my time studying, and I love being here! With the help of mum & dad, we were able to finally decorate and furnish it to my liking. There are obviously a lot of extra dashes of fun I want to add, but for now the bare bones are set & it's ready for company. Below are a few glimpses into my humble abode. Enjoy!

That skull is courtesy of H, via Crystal Head Vodka. Chrome bunny via Home Sense.  

Drawer organizers for my desk help streamline studying or brainstorming.

I have two frames sitting there, but no pictures. Tis sad, tis sad. 

My white coat!

If you squint real hard you'll notice three things I really like: Medicine (Dorland's Dictionary thanks to B's family), Fashion (2 September issues of Vogue), and Interior Decor (2013 Ikea catalogue). 

This elaborate little rhino is one of my favourite statues. 

A black couch. The upside? No food stains are visible. The downside? Every bloody piece of dust gets stuck to it.

I really like the kitchen table set up; my mother had the idea of adding two funky stools instead of 4 plexiglass chairs. Awesome :D

The birds are my quirky placemats, which I realized are super necessary if you have a glass table. I keep the Real Simple magazine issue from August 2012 on my counter, along with a second cookbook, because they inspire me to make healthy tasty meals. I also used a little pastry display rack to hold my spices. 

That's it for my little place! 



  1. Cannot wait to visit m'love! I should also mention that my apartment is very tidy, thanks to your link to Unfuck Your Habitat :)

  2. Eeeek! So excited for BOTH of those things!!!

  3. I adore your apartment, love how clean & minimalistic (not even a real word but...) everything looks <3

  4. WooW !! Very nice apartament! It inspiring me to do something nice with mine :))

    Regards and keep up the good work :)

  5. Your apartment is so great. I love your bits and bobs. And isn't Real Simple wonderful?

  6. Real Simple is the most magical surprise of a magazine! I'm so glad I came across it.

  7. Your house is beautiful. You have wonderful taste and you're a stickler for white decor, like I!

    I'm really loving your blog and will for sure follow!

    Ava Tallulah

  8. Thanks Ava! And yes, I'm a total stickler for white with pops of color. <3

  9. i LOVE your apartment! its so you, and white and clean and i love it. i have that same chanel box displayed in mine too , haha

  10. How cute! :)


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