My Spring/Summer Beauty Favourites

15 June 2012

Comfiest warm weather outfit I could find. Cheers to being back home in Toronto!

As promised, here's a skincare & make-up post covering some of my favourites.

1. Nuyu microdermabrasion + Origins Charcoal Mask
I use these two products together, and I swear it's an instant miracle worker. Nuyu feels like wet sand, and it needs to be rubbed into the skin for 1 minute. The clay mask is black, and it sucks everything out of your pores. When I'm having a bad skin day, I use these together and in one hour most of my blackheads are cleaned out; by the following morning, a lot of my blemishes have dried up. I'm suppose to follow a "2x/week" schedule with this, but I'm forgetful. If I stuck with regularity, my skin would be even better. These two products are magic for my face.

2. Anastasia Lipgloss
These colorful lip-glosses were in a package sent to me by Anastasia. OH-EM-GEE. Absolutely adore them. I dislike lipstick for everyday use; only on special nights do I wear it. However, I love the pop of color it can give when following the bright lips trend for the season. This ended up being the best of both worlds. The color strength of a lipstick, with the smooth consistently of lipgloss that wasn't overly sticky and yucky. I legitimately recommend buying one, or testing it out during your next Sephora visit. AMAZING. I've worn them 1-2 times a week since they arrived, and this is a big step for me because I always have a natural lip courtesy of chapstick.

3. Vaseline Shea Butter
I slather this on after shaving to avoid those nasty red bump and spots. Copious amounts recommended. I usually do it at night before bed, and wear PJ pants to help my legs suck up all the moisture. I swear it works.

4. Baby Wipes [any brand]
Purpose: everything! Removing make-up when I'm super-tired, wiping my feet when I've spent a day in flip flops/sandals in the city, even to cool down on a hot day I like pressing them onto my arms and neck. I love baby wipes, and I always have back-up packs.

5. Revlon ColorStay eyeliner - Black
I basically bought this on a whim at the grocery store when I ran out of my black pencil liner, and have repurchased ever since. It doesn't smudge as much as the last ones I've used, and it's tiny enough to go in between lashes. I also like doing a wing-tip with this pencil since it stays! Yay!

xoxo, C


  1. gorgeous look! love it! :)

  2. I love how simple all of these items are, but obviously they work because you are stunning!

    These shorts you're wearing are so cool - and they remind me a bit of Disney's Jasmine, no?

    Just read the post below, and CONGRATS!!! I seriously know how hard it is to get into medical school - I had a friend who went through a year of rejections, so it's tough stuff.

    Have you heard of the blog "Frocks and Other Frivolities"? It's an amazing blog, and I know that the author, Mandy, is in medical school right now. You probably already read it, but I had to tell you just in case you didn't.

    Congratulations again - that's such exciting news!


  3. Cute shorts! Also, I'm definitely buying baby wipes from now on - I get so lazy right before bed and often skip washing my face!

    xx from Montreal,


  4. I can't find Nuyu cosmetics online =/ where do you usually buy them?

    thank you


  5. such a great outfit, you look perfect for summer! :)

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