"In a city of illusion, where change is what the city does, it's no wonder Las Vegas is the court of last resort, the last place to start over, to reinvent yourself in the same way that the city does, time after time. For some it works; for some it doesn't, but they keep coming and trying." - Hal Rothman

7 June 2012

Heya everyone!

I've been bedridden since arriving in Toronto due to a nasty stomach virus. Not pretty. But I finally uploaded photos onto my flickr account, so I can share Vegas with ya today! Wooohooo!

This designer block reminded me of the ROM in Toronto. I haven't looked it up, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were designed by the same architect, or inspired by each other.

We stayed at the MGM Grand while in Vegas. Unfortunately it was under construction so we never got to see the lion conservation or Studio 54.

I can't remember which pool this was from, but I did spend a few hours lounging around the "lazy river" at the MGM, and I LOVED IT. Also, we caught Sky Blue from LMFAO at Wet Republic Day Club, and I really enjoyed it as well. Just a word to the wise; wear a lot of sunscreen, and drink lots of water. Also, take a nap after heading home. We were there from 11 am -3 pm, and ended up being super burned and very tired, which required a semi-quiet, easy night at a pretty lounge in our hotel. If any of you go to Vegas, I suggest staying at the MGM Grand or deciding to spend an entire day there enjoying the amenities.

I love E's bracelet. Gorgeous!

Day & Night: I was so glad to take my tutu out for another spin. I love wearing that dress, but I never know what occasion merits it. Perhaps it will be its last round on the blog. 

Overall, I enjoyed the couple days I had in Vegas, but it's not something I'd repeat frequently. I prefer exploring locales, learning, and meeting interesting people; I can find this more easily in European cities, or some large North American cities. My family has spoiled me with great vacations! I'm glad I went though; one destination scratched off my bucket list! :D 



  1. We took the same photo of the shops near the Aria. haha

  2. I love the first picture. I follow your blog for years. Congratulations.

  3. Cute photos! Glad you had fun in California! xoxo




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