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9 December 2011

Hey everyone,
I've come across some amazing stuff on the internet as of late. Thought I'd share. I absolutely love reading!

+ How to use your brain to its full potential
+ I've just recently taken an interest in positive psychology, meditation, and happiness. I'm going to start a personal word document where I collect all the information to keep me on track, and discover more about myself. Here's 95 Questions to Help You Find Meaning & Happiness. I'm working through it this weekend!
+ I also started writing a list of things I'm grateful for/ made my day, each day.
+ The surprisingly relaxed lives of elite achievers -> I really hope I'll reach this level one day. I am one of those people that spreads things out, and takes a lot of breaks, which cause me to work later into the night.
+ I've added the gmail app onto my ipad, so now my school email (which worked something out with google, because we use the same platform. AMAZING!) and my regular gmail for this blog don't conflict.
+ Talking to my dad for 2 hours about the recession, and having him explain the economics behind it in layman terms. It was amazing. I love having conversations where you get a lot out of the other person, and in turn become a more informed being. Good stuff!
+ Caramel dip. Makes apples taste even more delicious. I just used it in a bowl of raspberries, blueberries and flakes. Nom nom nom....
+ I was watching a positive meditation video, and this one question came up that has been sticking around in my mind since then: Picture yourself ten years from now. What would you say to your present self?


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  1. It's SO incredible & inspiring to visit your blog and find that there's always something relevant to everything I'm going through right now! Currently going through a lifestyle makeover for a healthier body, holistic diet, and better mindset, and this post is exactly what I needed for inspo (;

    LOVE the elite achiever article: one day, I tell myself. One day.

    And the 95 questions will be tackled once final exams are over. Cannot wait to explore them!



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