No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself, or your life, that you want to change. - Barbara de Angelis

15 December 2011


I just had a great epiphany the past 7 days, and I'm walking on sunshine. 70% of my days are now spent jolly-good and happy, especially before I go to bed - I'm practically bursting at the seams with excitement. After a 5 days of research into positive psychology, meditation and the likes I realized two things:
1] always be grateful 
2] situations are never as bad as they appear, you're just a victim of your own thoughts. 
 So I stopped thinking about negative stuff (which gets me nowhere), and I started focusing on beautiful, wonderful thoughts that make me HAPPY! 

There are a couple things that keep me on track, because this takes practice and dedication:
1] Every day I write a list of things that I'm grateful for/made my day (ie/ talking to my parents on the phone and hearing how excited they are to have me home for Christmas, listening to a song that really moved me, getting invited to an event I think is going to be crazy fun, etc)
2] I attempt to meditate every night to get to sleep. Sometimes I can nail it and clear my mind then pass out in 15mins, but other nights my brain is in overdrive and I have to consistently force myself to stop thinking and focus on my breathing/a blank wall/ocean waves.
3] Every time I feel upset, I stop whatever I'm doing and force myself to get rid of those thoughts & replace them with fun, positive, optimistic ones. It's harder than I thought, since your emotions get the best of you, BUT your mind controls your emotions. There's much more practice ahead of me for the next few months, years, life, but if the outcome is continuous joy = I'm up for it.
I looked up fun balloon editorials for this post and ended up discovering the photographer of these beautiful shots above: Luis Monteiro [He's either Portuguese or Brazilian, which makes me super proud.]
* CHRISTMASSSSSSS: Flight home in t-2 days!
* Blogger just linked up my Google + account, add me! [I dunno how to use it and never use it.]
* I just downloaded an iPad app that will play "Feeling Good" by Michael Bublé  every.single.morning. Hellz yeah!



  1. If this is the way to happiness hell yeah I'm following it ;)I hope it works ahah anyway..couldn't Luis Monteiro be from any other portuguese colony?

  2. So true! My entire blog is about finding things I am grateful for and things I love. Please stop by!

  3. Thanks for all of the positive influence! Always nice to get reminded of how positive thinking can change your life

    Eternally yours,

  4. Very true, he could be from another Portuguese country! I just conglomerated everything. I should have just said "Portuguese-background". Thanks for the great feedback everyone!

  5. See, this is why I adore your blog - it always makes me smile like a goofy kid when I read your happy, positive posts :)

  6. Beautiful entry, inspiring and love the photo selection to enhance your positive words. I look forward to your future posts! :)


  7. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to hear everyone also has the same goal to make their life more fulfilling and enjoyable. It's a great new years resolution! And once you start, why would you want to stop? ^-^


    Happy Holidays!

  8. Love this editorial! Sou portuguesa, so seeing this gives me much pride as well! Are you Portuguese or Brazilian?


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