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19 November 2011

Hello my wonderful people,

I've just come back from the gym, and discovered a blister on my palm. Damn elliptical. I began using it a few days ago, and now I'm secretly in love with this contraption. I've finally put on a few more pounds since I moved to Chicago, and I'm hoping to keep them on for good. Hence why I started strength training this week. Anywho, enough about me! There are some lovely things I've come across on the internets lately and I'd love to share.
+ Neutrinos! Helloooo revolutionary physics discovery =D Einstein is probably pretty pissed right now. Speed of light, whaaat? Muahahaha.
+ Eat Your Kimchi is a Youtube channel about a young Canadian couple in Korea. They're hilarious, and absolutely adorable together. 
+ I've been telling ignoramuses that you can still catch STI's even when wearing protection. Dr. Rankin backed me up. Some of them include warts, herpes, pubic lice, and molluscum contagiosum.
+ Gala Darling's 100 ways you can start loving yourself right now. I love her blog. Been a fan for years.
+ I finally bought Shatter polish. It's amazing. I have light pink under metallic silver cracks. Try it out!
+ Fitspiration blogs. Here's the one that got me to the gym within a week: lookingoodinundies. I love her abs <3

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  1. You have a very nice blog! I love it!
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