Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. -John De Paola

12 March 2011

Salut everyone <3

Just to continue with the general school theme... here are a few relaxation tips for those high-intensity periods:
- Get enough sleep..Zzzzzz
- Drink tea (chamomile or lavender tea is great)!
- Eat 3 healthy meals a day, and keep high-energy snacks at hand.
- Meditate, or sit down in a quiet place for a 10-15 minute deep breathing session.
- Give yourself a break when you know you deserve it!
- Play some really therapeutic music in the background, such as nature sounds, classical music, or anything else you find soothing.
- Take a nice hot bath. Bonus if you've got bubbles, and a classic film playing.
- If you take anxiety medication, be proactive and take it before the stressful periods in your schedule.

Have a great weekend!

image: dustjacket attic


  1. I love this pic. It is exactly how I feel at times. I would frame it!

  2. thanks for sharing the tips. I needed them =)

  3. Gorgeous picture with great tips! Now all i have to do is follow those tips, I think i really need to! I'm now following your blog, hopefully you'll stop by my blog and decide to do the same :)


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