It took great courage to ask a beautiful young woman to marry me. Believe me, it is easier to play the whole Petrushka on the piano. - Arthur Rubinstein

6 March 2011

Hola everybody,

I have posted my wedding reception outfit (moi & mom). Above is the little black dress I purchased at BCBGMaxAzria in December. I finally see the appeal of owning something that's classy, fits like a glove, and looks bitchin'. Onto the shoes: the black pumps I am wearing are huge and cantankerous- I either slip, or slip and fall on my ass when I wear them. Unfortunately, they're dead sexy so I can't NOT wear them -_- Quick story: I broke out into cystic acne 3 days before the wedding, so I had flesh sores the day of the wedding, and while I was curling my hair I BURNT my freaking FACE! I'm hiding the skin craziness with my hairstyle, because it all happened on one side of my petite visage. Merde. I am most definitely disappointed with my skin's condition lately, because it's completely my fault: stress, lack of sleep, and improper diet during midterms = deep acne. Well, I learnt my lesson. But how do I avoid this come April? [Pondering pose]

P.S. Remember how I told you lads & lasses I was doing strength-training to put on weight? I gained 4 lbs in muscle since last month! Brap! I'm currently at my usual summer weight.. but in the winter. surreal


  1. You and your mom look beautiful! Both dresses are gorgeous!

  2. Both of you look gorgeous. The dress is such a classic, lovely. <3

    I wouldn't be able to walk in those heels either, ha ha, but they do indeed look great. ;D

  3. Great dresses, you both look fab!

  4. Both of you look fantastic!!

    jos xx

  5. Love that BCBG dress, the neckline is to die for!

    -Hallie :)

  6. Woow,you look sooo gorgeous!!
    Beautiful dress<3

    *sayablack from TOKYO*

  7. 4 lbs of muscle! You go girl! Just think of the extra cals your burning, and the faster metabolism.. and your body is already rockin'

    happy wedding! happy lov!

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  8. You look absolutely adorable. Nothing beats a great LBD, nothing. And those shoes - sigh, the pain we girls endure for pretty footwear.

    I feel your pain, I used to break out in bad acne during all my exam sessions. Ugh.

  9. love the neckline! very sexy!

  10. you both are so gorgeous! i'm sure you hear this all the time but you 2 look like sisters. xo

  11. I found myself saying "That's her mother!?" you guys look like sisters, at the very least best friends.


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