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7 November 2010

A smattering of interior decor and my latest fashion covets.

//Cargo skinny pants//

//YSL couture rings//

image sources:, elledecor,, marieclairemaison, rue magazine


  1. I like your interior decorating taste! I particularly like the last photo... very Hollywood Regency, but without the tackiness factor. Super cool. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I wish I could only wear velvet clothing. It's so lovely, but so hard to find!

  3. I love your taste in... well, everything really! Those rings are the most perfect things ever and that last photo is my dream bedroom ♥

  4. love what is inspiring you lately, i love that i can always count on your blog to get me feeling inspired :)

  5. love this post. full of beautiful decors. i wish my room is like the minimalist one

  6. Those interior pictures are just gorgeous I would love to live in something like that !!

    Char x

  7. reading your post and i do believe you are born to be a fashion blogger.

  8. these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo


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