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12 November 2010

Hola señoritas (& dudes)!

Nothing special to report. I haven't been blogging ... because nothing has caught my attention as of late. Also, I've been testing out whether or not I could survive without human contact; mission accomplished. The hermit life = my life's calling. Below is the Marie Claire UK issue I'm in love with- their article covering rapes of young girls in Congo by travelling soldiers is gut-wrenching. Sometimes, the more you read the more disappointed you become with the state of the world. [I was talking about this with my father today.] Oh, I also have my super-awesome studded gloves below. Total man-repellers, I've gotten a few male disapproving comments & looks. I love them. Sometimes I just sit at my study and smell the leather. New Sharpie?

Check out the Snooki pout below. #lolfest. Anyway, I really need a remote control to take photographs of myself; self-timer mechanisms just don't focus well. Note two things: the YSL lipstick (I mentioned a few posts ago) is a cotton-candy light pink, and I got a chandelier for my room (I particularly adore the pattern it throws on my ceiling).

Side braids & long patterned scarves have been my latest go-to's for stressful school days.


  1. I love side-braid is really cute ! HAhah A remote is a good idea. Love you YSL :)


  2. Oiiii! You look great! I can't believe you sniff Sharpies! =/ Why are you trying to kill off your own brain cells? *Tut *Tut, C!

  3. I do like your post ,totally high fashion...

  4. Love the lipstick!



  5. Oh that pink lipstick is so lovely. I love braids also.

  6. these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

  7. Every girl needs a Snooki pout in her arsenal! It was great meeting you too! Next time let's do some serious damage at Club Monaco - that cashmere is calling me!

    Best, Lisamarie

  8. I'm there with you on the lack of sleep and the shaking. I got a bit last night. Took like a 6 hour nap. I really should of slept more but eh I have things to do.

    As for the self timer issue. I'd put a teddy bear or something in the spot you'd liket he camera to focus, go press the button and run like mad and kick it out of the way lol. I used to have some fun before a friend gave me a remote. My remote is still too short though, I'd like a wireless one. For now my boyfriend is my wireless remote, but he complains lol.


    The boyfriend comment killed me. Nice. Nice. I'm going to look into one.

    [Still laughing]

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

  11. LOVE the studded leather gloves! Are they from UO? Also was wondering whether they were fleece lined or cotton?

    Love the messy bedhead hair tres chic




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