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27 February 2010

I had a crazy week this week! So glad it's over. 
I caught Dear John yesterday...and I actually liked it. Which is rare, since 
I'm not a fan of romantic movies. I should do a haul post soon. 
If I don't show ya'll what I wear, I should at least show you what I got, in case
ya like it and want to get it also. Catch you lovelies later!


imagesource: aplusm, wehearit, citified [great blog, thanks for showing me B]


  1. I wish that first room was my living room. I adore the built-in bookshelves and that mirror. Those windows make for beautiful lighting, too.

  2. wow!! amazing ^^ i love the firts photo. I want my living-room like that!


  3. That living room is heaven. Great inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  4. the first photo is my dream. give me this living room built in to a flat in Paris =] very lovely <3

  5. What a delicious post! Thank you for sharing :D


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