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11 February 2010

It's another Etsy post. I swear that site has everything. I'm debating on whether or not to get a vintage Dior coin purse. I want to minimize the amount of 'things' I carry in my handbag. I find it's heavy before I even pop in my books for class. C'est fou, ça!

Petticoats by feudal
[I like how one can use it to poof up little skirts, or on its own.]

Suede envelope wristlet by catskillmtncountry
[I really like this colour, and how simple the cut is. Maybe I'll take up sewing this summer.]

Designs by clairlafaye <3
[Her works are so feminine, and doll-like. I would love to take that pink dress to a wedding.]

I have a few more Etsy features lined up for upcoming posts. Adios!



  1. oh my. that's such a cute petticoats! I love it! I like etsy too. It has an endless amount of vintage goodies which is me love ;)

  2. That wristlet is gorgeous! Gotta love purple.
    And I adore etsy as well, I just recently got a vintage lace bow tie from there. Ah I'm in heaven.

  3. The dress in the last photo looks amazing!!

  4. great finds! i want them all!

  5. ahh guilty pleasure. or at least one of my many...hahaha love all the picss

  6. These are absolutely beautiful!!

    The image is a Tim Walker one.....

    I cant remember where I found it, it took me ages but I will search and let you know!



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