postpone it..

27 November 2009

Yes, I just got one of my final essays postponed!
Which means I have a tad more time (not really) on my hands,
so I was on NYTIMES.. and I fell in love with the colours of this editorial.

things i'm loving atm
+ The Pandora's Box app on iPhone [why didn't anyone tell me about this before!?]
+ Baby pink matte lips.. not the tacky pink, the cool shade. [I heard I can get it at MAC or Sephora, does anyone know the name?]
+ My team's standing ovation at Saturday's competition
+ stylediet on youtube [she is so pretty *sigh]
+ Mondrian..again [those incomplete black lines just get me all the time.]
+ "Light a Candle" Nicole by OPI [it looks like liquid metal on my nails. Amazing! I'll get a pic if I remember.]
+ The Obliphica in my new mud shampoo.. it smells so lovely
+ My groomed eyebrows..finally
+ Navy blue liner on brown eyes, try it. It's a neat way to bring out your brown.
+ Peanut butter on crackers.. or eaten with a spoon.
+ Closet organization pictures on the IKEA site.. I totally want to revamp my closets now.
+ Maimonides

Anyway, that is it. I'll catch y'all later. :)


  1. Amazing editorial!

    I love your post! I´m addicted!

    Happy Weekend.

  2. the last photo is amazing!!


  3. YAY for Mondrian & PB! (Unfortunately, I had to stop eating it in the last few days because of my new virus.) Is that Sessilee Lopez? What a gorgeous bathing suit!

    P.S. I know this is kinda random, and it's totally just an observation, but does stylediet on YT seem to have similar teeth as that other cool makeup artist you like on YouTube? First it's curvy Vietnamese chicks, and now this. I'm onto you! *shakes finger


  4. haha similar teeth to kalel? Loooool
    I dunno I didn't notice. But what i do know is that kalel is getting braces on her bottom teeth bc her wisdom teeth have pushed and distorted the lining a bit.
    But i haven't seen this girl's bottom teeth... you may be onto something.

    I feel like such a creature of habit.

  5. I love your list! And agree about the navy blue eyeliner, it has been my make-up staple for the past week :)

  6. The editorial was done here...Trinidad & Tobago. Still can't believe Arlenis was in Trinidad.

  7. I know MAC do a cool baby matte pink, Snob.

    Although i'm from AUS so we might be a tab behind in terms of colour releases and such haha

    Love the blog! xo.

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