From Russia, with love.

4 November 2009

I'm sure many of you know of Natalia Vodianova's
poverty-stricken life back in Russia (before she moved to Paris to model).
If not, here's a brief biography.
I really do love hearing stories like these, because they make me realize how lucky I am,
AND that hard work pays off in the end. 
Anyway, I was using Natalia's story to lead into a volunteering/intership project I came across a few days ago. If any of you are interested in giving up a month or two of your summer to spend with Russian orphans, MiraMed has an amazing program! I was thinking about volunteering through MiraMed for a month, after I graduate. *crosses fingers*
Please feel free to browse the site and look for other ways
you can contribute to helping Russian children and youth.

sources: natalia's web gallery, cyndy sullivan


  1. Ohh I love these pictures, I recently posted the first one on my blog with other pics that inspire me :)

    Natalia's story is really wonderful.

  2. I love Natalia. Not only she is one of my favourite models and for her charity work, but also because we share the same country of birth and the name. :) I think your goal to help kids is wonderful. Do you speak Russian?


  3. These pictures are very romantic.

  4. flawless editorial...natalia always gives it 100%.

    and like you said, i think her personal story gives a good side to modeling. to her, this career has meant happiness, success and prosperity, rather than sex, drugs and after-parties.

  5. Grace Coddington once described Natalia V as "poetry in pictures" and tis true! I don't think I've enjoy seeing any other model collab with Steven Meisel as much since Linda Evangelista!

    Anyhoo, this MiraMed things sounds amazing! I hope you can do it! (I guess that means you'll have to start studying Russian now?)

    P.S. Speaking of Grace Coddington, when are we watching The September Issue?! I've been waiting more than TWO MONTHS! I really considered watching it alone, but the thought was just too sad =( Text moi!

  6. OMG. I just read your post about ze model'z less zen purrrfect skeeen. Once again, you've managed to turn my crappy feelings into happy feelings. We should really get married.


  7. haha helen you kill me!
    i should get crackin' on that russian soon!

  8. i am currently learning Russian and would love a chance to go there. seeing as my name is Natasha and every time people say "oh that's a Russian name"... hehehe. makes me happy to hear that. and natalia is wonderful. a genuine human being. no drama like other models. just pure.

  9. these pictures are so amazing & her story is definitely inspiring!

  10. It's great that you are paying attention to this problem, as many people are not aware of it! I will definitely have a look!

    xoxoxo Thaïs

  11. She's a great model AND rolemodel. Love the second pic!


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